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Unique Hits!

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Lewis is available to book for your event from  Pubs Clubs,& Parties, Weddings, Festivals & Weekenders.

Call 07866 917618

The World Famous SUN Studio that was home to

The Million Dollar Quartet : Jerry Lee Lewis,

Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash & Elvis Presly.

This list of great recording artists who have

recorded in this amazing studio will amaze

You. You can discover more about

November 2014 - Recording at the Birthplace of Rock n Roll !

    One of Billy

 Lee Riley’s Little Green Men as well as Jerry Lee’s  original  Drummer       Drum Sensation                   J.M.VanEaton


SUN Studios, & the    incredible line up      of musicians who      have recorded     there by clicking    this SUN Logo


With  Chas hodges 17th January 2015